Prescription Diet Plans in Bellevue, Washington

While routine checkups at your local animal hospital are part of keeping your pet healthy, maintaining a healthy diet is equally important. At Bodily Veterinary Hospital in Bellevue, Washington, we offer a variety of prescription diet plans for your companion's unique needs.

Creating a Program

Determining the right foods to feed your pet can be difficult. Let our professionals develop a prescription diet plan that works for your dog or cat, as their nutritional needs change through the years.

Comprehensive Plans for Overweight Pets

Often, feeding your pet table scraps or too much food causes them to become overweight. We're here to help. The team helps you plan out a comprehensive nutrition program coupled with routine exercise, which helps them reach a normal weight.
Child Hugging Dog — Pet Prescription Diet Plans in Bellevue, WA

Medical Changes

Should your pet's medical conditions require a change in their diet, there's no need to worry. With more than 50 years of experience in the field, we can create a prescription diet plan that works perfectly for your pet's medical needs.
Contact us today to schedule your pet's appointment for an exam or to learn more about our prescription diet plans.